On what surface do I place the stove?
Make sure that the heater is in a place where it is stable. With the Winnerwell stoves Woodlander series, the legs can optionally be anchored by means of anchors. pegs. Also make sure that the heater is level and never place the heater directly on the groundsheet. Use a fire-resistant mat under the stove.

Can the heater be used straight out of the box?
That is certainly possible, but when you fire it up for the first time, the stove will smoke a bit from the outside. There is always a coating residue on it, so the stove must first be 'cleaned'. We advise as follows:

  1. Install the heater and accessories supplied in accordance with the instructions for use outdoors.
  2. Wipe and/or degrease the heater with some warm water. Let it dry. This prevents finger marks. All stains that are on the stove for the 1st time use will be burned into the steel.
  3. Start the stove and slowly build up the heat.
  4. When no more fumes come from the stove, it is 'burnt in'.
  5. Let the stove cool down, it is now ready for use in the tent.
  6. After these steps, the stove can be used as usual and it is not necessary to build up the heat in the stove slowly.
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