For what use are the heaters suitable?
The Winnerwell Stoves are intended for recreational use in a tent or awning or any other place with good ventilation. The stoves are not suitable for residential use.

If the tent in which the stove is installed has a passage especially for a stove pipe, then often only a double-walled pipe is sufficient to protect the tent canvas. If the stove duct still needs to be made, we strongly recommend using a flashing kit in combination with a double-walled duct.

How far should the stove be from the tent canvas?
The Winnerwell stove give off heat from all sides, including the back. To prevent damage and/or burning of your tent cloth, there must be at least 60 cm between the cloth and the back of the stove. There should also be a minimum of 60 cm between the stove and the transit. Please note, the transit must be provided with a flashing kit and double/triple wall pipe.

What is the power of the stove?
Standard test methods are not available for Winnerwell stoves.
A rough indication can be given. With efficient firing (use of dry wood, little smoke and little ash), the yield is approximately 3.5 kWh when burning 1 kg of wood.

What fuel do I use?
Only dry wood should be fired in Winnerwell stoves. Parafin blocks, peat and/or pressed blocks such as lignite should be avoided.

How do I light the stove?
The cleanest and most efficient way to light a stove is via the TopDown method. It takes some practice at the beginning, but with the TopDown method you have the least trouble with smoke and therefore a much more efficient and clean combustion. In this way you also have little to worry about when starting up; you do not have to add larger pieces of wood yourself.

Try to avoid (newspaper) paper to start the stove. Paper has a tendency to swirl and this increases the chance that pieces of paper will fly up through the pipe and damage the tent canvas. To light your wood, use firelighters, birch bark (from dead trees only) or Syttis bulbs.

How many pipe parts and accessories do I need?
This of course depends on the height of your tent and where you have or want to have transit. As a rule, we recommend that the spark arrester be at least 50 cm. should protrude above the tent. If necessary, use extra pipe sections (long or short) to ensure that the double-walled lead-through is at the correct height.

Can I cook on the stove?
Yes you can. All pans and kettles can be used, provided they have a flat bottom.

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