Winnerwell Woodlander Medium sized Cook Camping Stove including

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Woodlander 1G M-sized Cook Camping Stove

Precision-crafted in 304 stainless steel,  Winnerwell® Wood Burning Stove is highly portable, easy to use, and built to last. From canvas tents and teepees to recreational shelters such as yurts, tiny homes, and vans,  this stove is a dependable heating and cooking solution. 

Compact and portable, the Winnerwell Woodlander Medium Wood Burning Tent Stove will efficiently heat small spaces and provides a functional cooktop area for preparing camp meals. Ideal for use in compatible Tentipi tents, the Woodlander also works well in recreational shelters such as teepees, bell tents, and even tiny homes and vans when properly installed. Made entirely in 304 stainless steel that prevents rust and corrosion, the Woodlander is well suited to use in harsh outdoor environments. 

  • Ideal for Heating & Cooking in Compatible Tents, Recreational Shelters, and for General Outdoor Use
  • Durable 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Will Never Rust or Corrode
  • Compact & Portable
  • Easy Setup, No Tools Required
  • Easy to Clean & Maintain
  • Level Side Shelves for Cooking Versatility
  • Glass Window for Fire Management and Ambiance          
  • Not Intended for Residential Use
  • High efficiency for heating, suitable for 2-4 people 
  • Includes 1 stove body, 5 sections of straight chimney pipe (3.5” diameter, 17” length), 1 spark arrestor, and 1 ash scraper

Stove Body Dimesion            380(L)* 200(W)* 200(H) mm

Assembly Dimension             588(L)* 520(W)* 2401(H) mm

Pipe Diameter                      63mm/ 2.5in

Pipe Length                         365mm/ 14.4in

Net Weight                          9kg/ 13.47 lbs

Materials: Made entirely from 304 stainless steel, using 1/8” thick material for the cooktop and 1/16” thick material for the body, Winnerwell stoves are unique in the world of portable wood burning stoves. Good quality stainless steel lends several distinct advantages: It does not rust or corrode—a huge advantage in harsh outdoor environments; It can functionally withstand higher temperatures than mild steel, allowing thinner material to be used on the stove body which significantly reduces weight, ultimately making the stove more portable; And lastly, after the first burn, the stainless steel starts to take on a very nice patina color.

Accessory Recommendations: For added cooking utility, we recommend the Medium Water tank and the 2.5'' Pipe Oven. The water tank is excellent for melting snow and ice for drinking water, and when the stove is burning efficiently the tank will boil water in minutes thanks to its location at the back of the cooktop and the base of the flue pipe where heat is concentrated. The 2.5” Pipe Oven is large enough to cook biscuits, cookies, baked potatoes, and more. Using a large skillet or dutch oven on the cooktop in conjunction with the Pipe Oven provides a very functional camp kitchen set up.

Spezifikation Beschreibung
Umschreibung ein idealer tragbarer holzofen zum heizen und kochen in kleinen erholungsräumen wie leinwand wand zelte brennt, leinwand glocke zelte, tipis, jurte, schuppen, eisfischen hütten, kleine häuser, bus konvertierungen und mehr, winnerwell wood burning tent öfen sind präzisionsgefertigte in edelstahl 304, die haltbar ist, griffe hohe hitze gut und wird nie rosten oder korrodieren, so dass diese öfen ideal für den einsatz in rauen außenumgebungen. die winnerwell wood medium wood burning tent-ofen 1 umfasst ofenkörper, 5 teile von 2,5 zoll durchmesser kaminrohr und jeder rohrabschnitt ist 14 zoll lang, 1 funkenableiter und 1 ash schaber. die hoch portable ausrüstungsbeschreibungen gefederte tri-pod beine daß umklappbar unter dem ofenkörper während alle rohrabschnitte im inneren des ofenkörpers stauen. mit gerade einmal 20 pfund ist das wood medium ein äußerst tragbares zelt herd. features highlight ein glassichtfenster in der tür sind für ambiente und brandmanagement, seitenablagen falten zum kochen dienstprogramm, zwei dämpfer für verbrennungsrate zu steuern, eine abnehmbare kochoberplatte und dekorative verdrehte stahlgriffe.
Set enthält INBEGRIFFEN 1 Ofengehäuse, 5 Abschnitte eines Kaminrohrs mit 2,5 Zoll Durchmesser, 1 Funkenfänger, 1 Aschenschaber
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